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Totally, Outrages, New, Ideas, and Concepts  

The mission of Tonic TV is to broadcast diverse original programming that viewers feel empowered. Tonic TV has established that its primary outlets will be Internet TV and other outlets in the future. Tonic TV is about empowering other creative minds to produce original content. Topics range from music, sketch comedy, TV shows and Short films etc.. These are just a few of the many programs that will be presented on this channel. The target audience is geared to anyone interested in original programming. Tonic TV goal is to showcase other creative minds and entertain many. In conclusion, Tonic TV purpose is to empower other creative minds alike.

In 2008, Aaisha  Simpson  set out to define her own model for original online content. She founded Tonic TV Network with the goal of using her newfound knowledge of film techniques, to launch Tonic TV. Her talent to develop unconventional storylines, compelling messages. Her goal is to have creative freedom that is often lacking in traditional television and film formats.  Her love for telling stories is how Tonic TV Network came about.

If you are interested in sponsoring or placing your product in any of our Tonic TV Series projects please contact us

We will develop and implement sponsorship and product placement tailor made for your company’s needs.

Tonic TV Network Productions goal is to provide quality content that can air on any platform. Partnering with clients to bring concepts to life, developing and creating modern storylines accompanied by interactive social networking, contests, interactive campaigns, advertising integration and product placement. We offer viewers the opportunity to participate in the evolution of a project and the clients productions that meet the highest standards possible.


Partner Up

 Our goal is to support independent film and promote all types of creative media. We hope to find new talent and showcase their  work on Tonic TV Network Subscription Channel.  Your work will be showcased for 60 days and you will be paid a percentage  of the subscription fee. This percentage will only be paid for every full view that you get. After 30 days and a report of how many views will be emailed. A check or Paypal payment will be sent to you once Partnership agreement form is sign.